Dr. Kumar Vishwas

  • Education : MA And Ph.D
  • Date of Birth : 10 February
  • Place of Birth : Uttar Pradesh

Dr Kumar Vishwas is an Indian Youth Icon, who carries several aspects in his personality. As a celebrated Hindi poet, he is well known across the world. He is credited with reviving Hindi poetry among young generation. The tech-savvy young generation values Dr Vishwas as their icon. This is evident from the fact that on one side, where his online videos have been watched millions of times by young netizens, on the other hand his official page on a leading Social Networking website Facebook invites approximately 5 Million clicks a month.

Koi Deewana Kehta Hai, Koi Paagal Samajhta Hai; Magar Dharti Ki Baicheni Ko Bas Baadal Samajhta Hai

Besides a poet, he has been recognized as a social communicator, who is known as a straight-forward speaker on social issues and as a motivator who ignites young minds with his communication expertise. A professor by profession, Dr Vishwas is also involved in writing Scripts, Lyrics and Stories for Indian Film Industry. He is the first performing poet of any language across the world, whose poems in his own voice, have been hosted as Caller-back tunes on all major telecom operators of india. Overall, Dr Kumar Vishwas is an iconic blend of a Performing Poet, an Author, a Social Communicator and a Motivator.

As a performer, Dr Kumar Vishvas has travelled across the globe. His ‘Koi Deewana Kehta Hai’ and ‘Hotho Par Ganga Ho, Hatho me Tiranga Ho’ Solo concerts have practically changed the definition of Poetic performance. The time has seen the Kavi-Sammelan format changing from traditional set-up to a stylish state-of-the-art set-up, with accessories like Fancy Lightings, Spot-light, Music-support, Collar-mics and Projector-Screen displays.

A major chunk of credit for this transformation of Hindi Poetic-Concerts goes to none other than Dr Kumar Vishvas. This has definitely changed the way the generation looked at Hindi-Poetry. Unfortunately, majority of the young generation did not ‘look-at’ Hindi Poetry at all! The only Hindi thing the generation stopped at was ‘Koi Deewana Kehta Hai’. This signature couplet by the charismatic poet Dr Kumar Vishvas became the darling of the generation, and this did not stop here! The youth demanded more, and the success of KDKH repeated with numbers like Pagli Ladki, Tiranga, Devdas Mat Hona and many more.

Today, as a performer, Dr Kumar Vishvas maintains the busiest schedule among Singers, Poets, Stand-up Comedians and Rock performers. He is possibly the only performer around the globe, who performs without any prop (besides mic) or any aide for a stretch of over two hours! Only those who have witnessed the mesmerizing LIVE performance of Dr Kumar Vishvas could feel what it is like to be one among the audiences of this person.

Besides the ever-loving youth of India, Corporate sector has considered Dr Kumar Vishvas as an integral part of their celebrations. He has always been a part of corporate milestone celebrations of several corporate houses in India and abroad.